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Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure Coloring Book

Image of Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure Coloring Book

$3.00 - On Sale

Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure coloring book (PDF format), written and illustrated by Travis Tom, is an alphabet book fully illustrated with animals from A to Z. The book is written in alliteration for each letter of the alphabet making it a quirky tongue-twisting fun read. For example: "An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency". The coloring book is in PDF format in black and white with outlines and allows the user to print the pages to their heart's desire on their home printers for personal use only. Have fun coloring!

Once an order is placed...a PDF version of the book will be e-mailed to you for download. (please provide your name and e-mail in the contact e-mail link to the right with ABC Book in the Subject). As an independent, please allow up to 2 to 5 business days of response time to receive the PDF coloring book). "Animal Alliterati" is also available on the iBookstore and NOOK.